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Dividend stocks to look at

A dividend stock is an ownership share of the shareholder in a particular company which pays a portion of the profits while systematically creating a stream of income.

Based on the payout ratio of the company, the dividend is given to the shareholders.

The dividend generated from these dividend stock will get reinvested to buy another set of a share of the dividend stock which results in giving a higher dividend.

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Income investors are looking for stocks that can help derive good income and not just cheaper stocks. Thus, the dividends or dividend yield comes to play an important role. Dividends are the continuous stream of income for most of the value investors, generated when a stock makes profit.


The first step before valuing or analyzing the fundamentals of any stock is to monitor the key macroeconomic trends for at least the following economic indicators: Key interest rate, Inflation Rate, and GDP Growth Rate.

With these three indicators you get a glimpse at current economic conditions, if there is economic expansion or not, the level of inflation and the key interest rate to form rational investing expectations related to the risk and return in the stock market.